Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week 18: Jan 15-19, 2018

What a busy week we had last week!
-Monday we started playing badminton in gym and made our New Year's resolutions
-Tuesday we played dozens of different musical instruments and learned about pitch and vibration. The students also gave me verbal instructions about how to make a cheese sandwich, and learned that they have to be specific in their directions! It was very funny - ask them to tell you about it!
-Wednesday we went sliding for phys ed in the morning, in a lot of fresh snow, and enjoyed hot chocolate afterwards! We also estimated and measured the capacity of various different containers by filling them with coloured water and pouring it into a graduated cylinder to measure.
-Thursday was our first "Snowday" due to freezing rain. We only had a few students, and so combined with Mme Corriveau's class and Mme Gauthier's class for the day.
-Friday we followed the directions for making Jello, and each group made their own flavour. It is in the fridge, ready to eat!

This week, we will continue with measurement in math, by estimating and measuring the mass of various objects. We will also be continuing with procedural writing in language arts, and our sound unit in science. 

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