Sunday, 4 March 2018

Week 24 & 25: Feb 26 - March 9

Winter Walk Day / iWalk Day was a great success! A beautiful morning for a walk, and delicious hot chocolate afterwards! We were joined by Phyz from the Ottawa Health Dept, some representatives from Active Transportation, and various community members. Thanks to everyone who walked to school, or did the Drive to 5, we appreciate your support!

In Phys Ed class, we have been simulating various Olympic sports - snowboarding-type obstacle runs, "bobsled" races on scooterboards, sledge hockey using scooter boards and mini-sticks, and on Tuesday, the students had the opportunity to participate in the Rocks and Rings program. This program, presented by Curling Canada and supported by the Egg Farmers of Ontario, introduces students to the sport of curling, without the ice. They really enjoyed their introduction, and many students expressed an interest in taking up curling outside of school. 

Friday, we enjoyed a Board Game block in support of our Lenten Project - the OK Clean Water Project. Next Friday, we will have a movie afternoon to support this initiative. Students will also be able to order popcorn to enjoy during the movie (or to bring home) for $2/bag. Please order through Cash Online before Sunday.

Our Eco-team has an initiative they want to tell you about as well:

Hello families!
Our Eco Team has been working on the Great Waters Challenge, which is a cross-Canada challenge for youth that helps them learn about and raise awareness of local water issues. As part of the challenge, they are going to be hosting a water celebration and fundraiser for OK Clean Water  on Tuesday, March 6th. Please have your child bring in 25 cents, or other donation in order for them to share with us a water story and enjoy a peanut and nut free cookie, courtesy of the Eco Team. Our celebration will take place during 2nd block for all Grade 2-6 students.
Thank you for your continued support!

St. Clare Eco Team

Another event upcoming this week, is the return of Musical Theatre workshops with Robin Guy. My morning class will have their first workshop on Tuesday morning, where we will learn our song and our choreography. We will be performing the dance during Education Week for parents - we hope you can come to see it!

Language Arts - we are presenting our Olympic Virtual scrapbooks this week before March break. I am looking forward to seeing them all!

Math - we are linking division with multiplication. Students really need to know their math facts (read: multiplication tables). When students know their times tables, and can recall their facts instantly rather than counting up on their fingers or looking it up on a chart, they can perform multiplication and division calculations so much more quickly and accurately. Keep on trying!

Science - we wrapped up light and sound, and have started with Habitats. We've learned about producers (plants produce their own food through photosynthesis), consumers (like us, we consume other plants and animals for energy), and decomposers (that break down dead matter - mushrooms, fungi and bacteria).

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March 11 - don't forget to Spring Ahead!

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