Sunday, 25 March 2018

Week 27: March 26-Good Friday

It's hard to believe it is almost Easter, already! We have spent a lot of time thinking about kindness, thinking about our Faith, and talking about prayer. We spent a block with our Faith Buddies on Friday, talking about why we pray, and who we pray for. They created their own Prayer Wall, with prayers for their families, for the OK Clean water project, and for the world. I will post a picture on Twitter tomorrow.

We are continuing to practice our dance almost every day! HERE is another link to the music, HERE is another link to the lyrics, and HERE is a link to a video showing Robin demonstrating the choreography, for students to practice at home. A number of students have indicated that they have watched the original dance segment and/or googled the original lyrics, and I want to again caution that the original lyrics are not appropriate for this age. That is why we are using Robin's clean version for our dance.

Math - we had a quick review test on Friday of multiplication and division with and without remainders. The students as a whole did very well! 

Language Arts - we are working on Bug Menus. The students are very creative with their restaurant names and menu items! Would you eat at McBuggles? Yum! Ask your child what they called their restaurant and what they are serving up for dinner!

Science - we have built food webs using pictures of animals and plants that we cut out of magazines. The students enjoyed looking up who eats what, and which animals are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores. Next, we will look at animal adaptations.

Phys Ed - the next sport is basketball, now that the gym is open again!

Have a lovely Easter!

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