Sunday, 8 April 2018

Week 28 & 29: April 2-13 Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The students are usually surprised when I tell them that Easter is the most important, and most joyful celebration in our Liturgical Year. They always think of Christmas as the most important celebration - after all, they get 2 weeks off and presents! However, Easter is the time when, because of Jesus' sacrifice for us, we were given the promise of Eternal Life. What a gift!

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your family, and that the joy continues throughout the 50 days of Easter. Spring is on the way!

Here are some upcoming events to keep in mind:

Wednesday is Walk or Wheel to School Day, or Drive to 5. To promote active transportation to school, we encourage students to walk, wheel or bike to school on Wednesday.

Parents also have the opportunity to hear Dr. Maggie Mamen speak on Raising Resilient Children. She is a clinical and counselling psychologist and best selling author, and will speak about building resilience in our children. Please come out and join us!

On Thursday, we will hold a Jersey Day to show our support for the Humboldt Broncos. We will keep them in our prayers this week.

On Thursday we will also celebrate our Easter Mass, at 9:30 a.m. in the gym. Parents are always welcome to join us as we celebrate the Eucharist with Fr. Tavis. 

Please encourage your child to keep practicing the lyrics and dance moves to Greased Lightning! The links have been posted in earlier blog entries, and the students also have them in their Drive. We are looking forward to presenting the dance to you! 

In Math, we have completed a short unit on Algebra, which was challenging, but in a good way! We will be moving on to 3D Geometry next, and locating points on a coordinate grid. 

In Language Arts, we are about to start book clubs. Your child will have an assignment in a novel to read each day during class, and some questions to answer on each day's reading. They will share their ideas with their group members and discuss their opinions each day.

In Science, we will wrap up our Habitats unit by making dioramas. Please save a shoe box, cereal box, or other sturdy container for your child to build their diorama in. They may also need some materials to build their diorama with, once they have chosen the habitat they wish to represent. More information will be coming home on Tuesday.

In Religion, we have been talking about Jesus, the Stations of the Cross leading up to his Crucifixion, His death and Resurrection. We also talked about how we might have felt as a follower of Jesus at that time - would we be happy that He had risen from the dead? Afraid that the soldiers might come after us? Guilty that we denied knowing Him? Sad that He suffered and died for us? We recognize that the apostles must not have had an easy time of it, either.

In Phys Ed, we are playing basketball! We also had the opportunity to play a form of visually impaired soccer on Friday. Using goggles with coloured tissue inside, and a ball with a bell, the students played "soccer" on their knees on the carpet in the learning commons. They had to be very quiet to hear if the ball was coming their way!

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