Sunday, 15 April 2018

Week 30: April 16-20

Sitting here listening to the ice pellets hitting the window, and hearing the forecast for the next several hours, I wonder if tomorrow will be a bus cancellation day. The roads and sidewalks are very icy! Stay safe!

Luv 2 Groove will hold 3 dance workshops with the classes this week, and Gr. 4 will be going on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for an hour each time. It should be a great time, and a big THANK YOU to parent council for funding this opportunity for us!

Good luck to the Boy's Basketball team, who have their tournament on Tuesday! Go Stars!

Friday is Faith Buddy Day - we will partner with our Faith Buddies in Mrs. Fitzpatrick's class to complete activities around Caring for God's Creation. Check Twitter for our posts!

Language Arts - as we will be missing a lot of instructional time due to Luv 2 Groove and Faith Buddy Day, we are not starting our book club unit until next week. We have, however, started a read-aloud, The City of Ember. It is based on the theme of children who make positive changes in the world. We read the story of Ryan's Well, about Ryan Hreljac (and his adopted brother, Jimmy), who started raising money to build wells in Uganda when he was in Grade 1. 
Image result for the city of ember

Math - we are working on our 3D geometry unit. This past week, we built shapes from shape nets, made them into buildings and placed the buildings on a sheet of grid paper that we made into a coordinate grid. They then made the paper into a map, and wrote the coordinates of important buildings. Finally, they programmed ozobots to drive through the map. It was a lot of fun!

Science: the students are busy building their habitat dioramas. They should be wrapping them up next week and presenting them. 

Phys Ed: as the gym will be closed for Luv 2 Groove workshops, we will be doing Health this week. 

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