Sunday, 3 June 2018

Week 37: June 4-8

A reminder that Thursday is our Field trip to the Ottawa Athletic Club. Students are asked to arrive at school by 9:00 a.m. and come straight in, as the busses are leaving at 9:15 sharp! We want to make the most of this exciting day of activities before the busses bring us back again for 3 p.m. Here's a recap of the information sent home last week:

What to bring: -nutritious, nut-free lunch and plenty of snacks
                        -water bottle and other beverages
                        -weather appropriate clothing, hat & sunscreen
                        - bathing suit, towel, and flip flops or water shoes
                        -sturdy running shoes for sport activities
***Do Not Bring: money, electronics, or foods containing nuts

9:00  Arrive at school, attendance and groups
9:10   Load onto busses
9:15   Leave for OAC
9:45-2:30 Scheduled activities with OAC staff may include (depending on the group your child is assigned to): basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash, circuit training, golf, raquetball, karate and swimming
3:00  Arrive back at school, students may eat pizza from pizza day if they wish (it will be waiting for them in their homeroom)
3:45 Regular dismissal for home

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to accompany us on this trip. We will be contacting you on Monday to confirm.

A HUGE Thank You to Parent Council, who provided the funds to pay for the activities fees to the OAC and the bus! Thanks to our wonderful Parent Council, this trip is at NO COST to students! Wow!

Thank you!

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