Sunday, 15 October 2017

Week 7: October 16-20

Another very busy week! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving holiday with family, and travelled safely.

Here's what has been going on in the classroom:
Math - we have looked at rounding, and the importance of being able to estimate. Sometimes we need an exact measurement or answer (like in an Olympic race) and sometimes an estimate is more efficient (like the approximate number of people at an event). We have been working on our estimation skills using Estimation180, and they have improved already! Now we are learning to round numbers, so that it can help us to estimate. We have practiced rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 using the Rounding Mountain and a little song. You can hear it here. We also watched a Number Rock video on rounding, you can see it here. Our next unit is patterning, and we will start on Wednesday.

Language Arts -  We have been enjoying learning All About our classmates as they present their All About Me slideshows. I am watching particularly for how well they face the audience as they present (make eye contact), whether they speak in a clear, loud voice, and whether they have rehearsed their presentation or have trouble pronouncing some of the words. We also completed a cornucopia with a short paragraph of something they are thankful for, and finished up other incomplete work. Next week, we will be starting our next Reading Strategy Unit on Evaluating.

Religion - we have started the new Religion program, and have started using the New Testament in our class. We learned how to locate readings in the Bible, using Book, Chapter and Verse headings to locate the specific verse we are looking for. The students caught on very quickly!

Science - we have built spur gears out of cardboard and used them to make bevel gears, spur gear trains, and see how many times the small gear turns in relation to the large gear. We also listed all of the things we know that use gears. Next, we will look at different types of gears and where they are used, such as rack-and-pinion gears, worm gears, and helical gears. We are having a lot of fun!

Phys Ed - we played a very active game called Noodleball, which uses a whiffle ball (as the puck) and pool noodle "sticks" to play a game very like hockey. Players shoot the ball toward the net hoping to score, but it is much harder than you would think!  In Health, students were to keep a food diary for a few days, so that we could set a few SMART goals, to improve our health over the course of the term.

Upcoming dates:
Monday is recycle your clothing and household textiles! Bring in gently used clothing items or textiles to be donated. (EcoInitiative)

Tuesday is no juice box day, and bring your own water bottle day! (EcoInitiative)

Wednesday is iWalk day, when you are encouraged to Drive to 5 (minutes from school and walk the rest of the way) or walk to school that day! (Healthy Active Transportation - Walk, Ride your bike, scooter, rollerblade, etc)

Wednesday we will see the Power of One anti-bullying show in the morning.

Wednesday is our Thanksgiving Mass at 1:00 p.m. Our class is doing the readings.

Thursday is Litterless Lunch Day (EcoInititative)

Friday is Recycle Toys Day (EcoInitiative)
Friday is also Crazy Hat and /or Crazy Hair Day for United Way!

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