Sunday, 22 October 2017

Week 8, October 23-27

It was great to see all of the cute crazy hair and hat combinations on Friday! Thank you for supporting the United Way! Our next event is this Friday, bring a loonie or a toonie and enjoy a movie in the afternoon. Don't forget to wear Black and Orange, too!

Here's what we've been up to this week:
Math - we did some adding and subtracting with decimals, and realized it was exactly the same as adding and subtracting whole numbers, as long as you line the decimals up (if you are using the algorithm). Then we started patterning, and had a lot of fun making our own growing, shrinking and repeating patterns with blocks and/or tiles. We also described our patterns using the pattern rule. We will continue with this next week.

Language - Most students are finished their "All About Me" presentations, and I am very impressed! They tried very hard to face the audience as they presented, and to speak in a clear, loud voice. I really loved their "items" that they shared with us.

Religion - we have been learning more about the bible, and how it is organized into Old and New Testament, then into Books, Chapters and Verses. We also spent some time preparing for and celebrating Thanksgiving Mass. It was the afternoon class' turn to do the readings, prayers and intentions, and the students who volunteered did very well. 

Science - we learned about different types of gears, such as worm gears, rack and pinion gears and helical gears. We made a flip book about each type of gear and what they look like. We will be wrapping up this unit soon, and will begin a review of what we have learned. We will also have a short quiz on that knowledge.

Phys. Ed - the students really love playing Noodleball! It is very active, as we don't have enough students to have subs, so they play all out and end up quite tired! We have also been trying to learn some of the skills from Gaelic Football, which are pretty tricky! Our next sport, starting in November, will be volleyball.

Health - we have looked at what nutrients are in food and why they are important. We have also looked at specific foods and what nutrients are in them. We are comparing different foods from many food types to see what the "best choice" might be. The students are quite interested in how much sugar there is in many of the foods they eat! 

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday will be our second Faith Buddy Day, where we will look at the Gospel Value of Dignity of the Person with our Buddy class, Mrs. Fitzpatrick's Gr. 1 class. 

Friday is Black and Orange and Movie Day for United Way! 

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