Sunday, 7 January 2018

Week 17: Jan 8-12 Happy New Year!

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, in spite of the very cold weather we had throughout the holiday!

Speaking of the weather, it looks like the upcoming week is going to be warmer, and snowy! It might be a good time to go sliding on the hill behind the school for phys ed. In order to go sliding, I will need a signed permission slip from a parent. Please indicate whether your child will need a helmet to go sliding (recommended), and whether they are allowed to have a cup of hot chocolate afterwards (Carnation brand, made with hot water only).  You can print and sign a copy of the permission slip here, if you wish, to send in with your child. A hard copy will be sent home with your child on Monday if you haven't sent one in. If possible, I would like to take them sliding on Wednesday, as it will be not too cold, and we will have fresh snow. 

Report cards will be coming home the week of Valentine's Day, so we will be spending time catching up students who were away due to trips or illness, completing assignments and wrapping up units. Here is what we are are hoping to complete:

In Math, we have a few students who missed some graphing activities, and some who missed the perimeter and area work. We will also continue with measurement using linear measures (mm, cm, m); measures of mass (g, kg) and measures of capacity (ml, L). 

In Science, we completed the light experiments and will be concentrating on the properties of sound in our Light and Sound unit.

In Language Arts, we have a few little things to complete, then we will be starting a new unit on sequencing. Students will be asked to write a set of 6 instructions on how to do something, illustrated by pictures. In the past, students have written instructions on how to shoot a one-timer, how to wrap a present, how to bake cookies, etc. If you would like to take a set of 6 pictures at home and upload them to your child's drive in preparation for this activity, you can do so at any time. If you don't have access to a camera or smartphone at home, students will have the opportunity at school to take pictures using an ipad. 

The Public Health nurse will be in the school to give an interactive presentation about the dangers of tobacco use and smoking to the Grade 4 students on Thursday, Jan. 25, so we will be talking about this in Health class in preparation for her presentation.

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